Friday, June 02, 2006

Rouhi Ya Wahran

Rai music's place of birth...Oran is a funky town...home of Blaoui Houari, cheb Hasni, cheb Khaled, Cheihka Rimitti, Cheba Zahouania...Nobel prize-winning novelist Albert Camus was born in Oran and used the city as the setting for the Plague and the Stranger. French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent was also born in Oran.

La "Corniche" road takes you from downtown Oran to the "Andalouse". Fantastic restaurants and sight seeing. It hosts Algeria's most famous cabarets. Murdjajo for those of you who want to taste hot summer rai & soul...

At the moment, most official Oran website

Algeria being newly opened to tourism, accomodation booking are still hazardous...SouthOran remain at your disposal for any question about car rentals, hotel ratings, guide contacts and advices on west coast of Algeria. Please contact us by email as we're pleased to help you setting your trip to Oran.


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Friday, May 26, 2006

Oran Soul

Some of the most authentic faces you will ever watch! Oranese are good living , life enjoying folks...They just love talking, laughing, singing and dancing...Giving attention to the olders is a no miss... Hospitality is a duty...Tea is served anywhere...

They 'll state about facts of life from a different sight...back to the roots is what I want to say from my insight...but this is universal memory that stands behind these faces...

Algeria is a fertile land and I let you taste some of these nice and wild souvenirs you would bring back home...

looking forward to see you in Oran!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Beach day

Party until sunrise and get ready for adventure! Have sea food in one of these improvised restaurant in Mostaganem...Choose your fishes and meat, ask for a barbecue and enjoy the sea view....Algeria is the land of smiling food....Ride straight to the east, pass the Lion rock and reach one of the beautifulest natural and virgin sand beach. Huge dunes falling down in blue water....The place is called Willies. See the colored headlight? that's a 400 years old one...Get a dunky and a Quad ride for free. Reach the Dunes top, appreciate the sight and run fast as you can .ter...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Natural skincare

Douar (tribes) Agguegba installed themselves in Port aux Poules in 1845. The place owns a rock cave in front of the sea water. Inside, soft water falling on walls, walls of argile. Natural elements for your skincare! lot of fun as you can notice on the pics... Get dry under the Algerian sun and finally a salty bath to get clean and soft!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Good times in north Africa

Welcome! Please relax and enjoy a fantastic journey through east to south Oran. This place is called Port aux Poules. That is a beautiful little place you have to see once in your life! Fresh sea food, Rai music and party rules! Friendly folks overthere too...Algeria is on its way to economic and political stability. Since that, the Oranese coast has recover her real summer nights rai&soul. Porto Paulus was the name during the Romanian empire. Port aux poules during french colonisation and finally Mers el Hadjadj since the independance. Nevertheless, the street's village and houses didn't change, the good spots are still the same.