Friday, June 02, 2006

Rouhi Ya Wahran

Rai music's place of birth...Oran is a funky town...home of Blaoui Houari, cheb Hasni, cheb Khaled, Cheihka Rimitti, Cheba Zahouania...Nobel prize-winning novelist Albert Camus was born in Oran and used the city as the setting for the Plague and the Stranger. French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent was also born in Oran.

La "Corniche" road takes you from downtown Oran to the "Andalouse". Fantastic restaurants and sight seeing. It hosts Algeria's most famous cabarets. Murdjajo for those of you who want to taste hot summer rai & soul...

At the moment, most official Oran website

Algeria being newly opened to tourism, accomodation booking are still hazardous...SouthOran remain at your disposal for any question about car rentals, hotel ratings, guide contacts and advices on west coast of Algeria. Please contact us by email as we're pleased to help you setting your trip to Oran.


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